Meuwly’s: From Secret Meat Club to You!

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The pigs are happy. So are the diners. Imagine a place where the food circle is complete: The pigs are raised outdoors and roam free. The farmer sells directly to the person who is going to create fantastic meat products. And we get to buy right from the people who create the product. And then, one more step: if it would taste great with beer, or mustard, or homemade caramels, then local producers are sourced, they come together, and complete the circle by using and selling each other’s product.
So, on July 5, make the trip to 10706 124 Street, take the stairs to the lower level (someone told me it used to be a massage parlour- that just adds to the intrigue). You will be greeted with sparkling white walls supporting shelves of locally-made preserves, gleaming glass cases filled with freshly created products for you to buy to take out or eat in, windows showing meats ageing naturally, and if you are lucky enough to get a private tour, you would see newly created rooms filled with brand new stainless steel speciality equipment, brought in from Europe, to help make the finest meat products possible.
And to think all this evolved from The Secret Meat Club- a monthly food subscription club, that delivers their product to your door. Now you can go to their door, anytime: Meuwly’s is a collaboration between Will Kotowicz, Peter Keith and Glendon Tan. Each brings a skill set to the table, offering the latest in house-made meat products, sausages (try their apple pork – to die for!), pickles and preserves. For a charcuterie board, for easy summertime entertaining, they can’t open their doors fast enough!

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