Happy Father’s Day

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You bounce on his lap as a baby.
You dance barefoot on his toes as a little girl.
You snuggle under the safety of his arm when the world gets a little rough.
And you walk with mixed emotions when you go down that aisle, towards a life partner, with him at your side.
Your dad. Always there for you, and always your strongest supporter. 
Maybe not always. Life has a way of getting complicated, and the word “dad” means different things to each person. For some, it’s a rock solid relationship that could never be duplicated, and for others, well, not at all as ideal.
My dad was a 6 ft. 3 inch RCMP officer, with three daughters, a son, and a gun. When our dates came to take us out, my dad would stand at the front door, and his frame would fill the entire space. He would always say, “have her home by midnight”. Our boyfriends would always mumble, “we’ll have her home by 11 p.m., Sir.”
My first year on TV, I was hosting a daily morning and noon show. I was getting married on July 10, and my dad was having bypass surgery 6 weeks before that. The doctors told us it was pretty straightforward surgery and assured me he would be by my side to walk me down the aisle. After doing the morning show, my mom and I sat in the hospital waiting area, and we licked stamps on wedding invitations to pass the time while he had his operation. He died on the operating table. A heart attack. 
My dad wasn’t there to walk me down the aisle. And to make matters worse, he died a few weeks before Father’s Day, and I had to do day after day of upbeat Father’s Day themed segments on TV. I wanted to scream out loud: “doesn’t anyone hear my pain”?
In all honesty, my relationship with my dad was far from perfect. It took years to get over his death and unresolved issues. But this Father’s Day I will celebrate all the goodness in him and the love and support he gave each of his kids while we were growing up. 
I hope you have a father to celebrate this Sunday. I hope you remember that “time spent together” is probably the most precious gift. But in case you want to buy him a little something, we have grouped some themed gift giving ideas, from “Beer to Bows to Beards to BBQs”. I hope you enjoy the gift ideas as much as we enjoyed collecting them for you, from some of the finest retailers in the city. And, as a little something extra, best of luck in trying to score over $250 in gift cards! 
Here’s to the power of Dads to touch our hearts! 
– Lorraine

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