Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Fresh Flowers
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Earlier this spring, the flower experts from Fleurs de Villes were in Edmonton for a spectacular exhibition of floral art. Over a dozen local florists stepped up to the challenge of creating spectacular mannequins, all dressed exclusively in flowers.

Not many of us would be capable of their world-class skills, but the show’s producers did share a simple trend we could all do, with flowers from your garden, your local florist, or by grabbing a preassembled bunch from your grocery store.
The principle is simple, yet dramatic. Choose a single colour. Cut all the stems to the same length. (Yes, even long-stemmed roses. Cut ‘em short. Gasp!). Then choose a container. A Dollar Store watering can. A rectangular, clear vase. (Even Mason jars- whatever you have on hand). The one with the roses in front is a short, long, clear rectangular container. Place them in the vase that is pre-filled with water, and you are set to go. High impact, with very little work involved.
Then, you can up your game, by checking out the roses in the picture below. Same principle, but using three different colours, to create an ombré effect. Each of the three different colours is grouped together, all in the same container, starting with the lightest colour, and working to the darkest. Easy peasy.
And their final lesson in easy summertime florals. In the picture below, they have done two things:
  • On the left, they have used one bunch of different kinds of flowers and placed a variety of flowers into three containers of different shapes. It works because all the containers are clear and because all the flowers are the same colour.
  • On the right, it’s just one bunch of identical flowers, placed in identical vases. Repetition is the key to success here.
Place either grouping equally spaced down the centre of your table, and it will look gorgeous. You will be a floral rock star!

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