Manitoba Memories

Manitoba Memories: “Until I was 6”

Reading Time: 2 minutes How incredibly lucky I feel to be able to take a week and just enjoy childhood memories.   For me, that means an annual trip to Manitoba. I always say I grew up in Lac du Bonnet “until I was 6”. You would have to wonder how many memories you would really have before the […]

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes Earlier this spring, the flower experts from Fleurs de Villes were in Edmonton for a spectacular exhibition of floral art. Over a dozen local florists stepped up to the challenge of creating spectacular mannequins, all dressed exclusively in flowers.   Not many of us would be capable of their world-class skills, but the show’s producers […]


Meuwly’s: From Secret Meat Club to You!

Reading Time: < 1 minute The pigs are happy. So are the diners. Imagine a place where the food circle is complete: The pigs are raised outdoors and roam free. The farmer sells directly to the person who is going to create fantastic meat products. And we get to buy right from the people who create the product. And then, […]

Make Your Tastebuds Dance: The King & I

Reading Time: 3 minutes It started with a phone call to ITV (now Global). The man at the other end was speaking so fast, I honestly couldn’t make out what he was saying. I asked him to send his request in a letter (yes, it was the ‘90’s, and we actually used snail mail at that time!). He was […]