5 Gift Ideas & Tips for Fathers with Beards

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This man walks the walk. When Ken (who has a killer great moustache!) founded this Alberta company, his grandpa was his inspiration. And with so many beards and stashes in vogue right now, why not consider some of these gift ideas:

5 Tips for Beard and Moustache Care

Beards and moustaches need care and attention to look their best, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.
1) Wash. Beards and moustaches need to be washed, but not as frequently as you may think. We suggest washing maybe twice a week with a nice gentle, beard specific wash. A good beard wash should not leave your beard or ‘stache feeling stripped or dry. Your body’s natural oils are good for you, so let’s supplement them, not strip and replace them with our own.

2) Condition. Think of beard oils and beard balms as a leave-in conditioner. They will soften and condition to keep your facial hair in prime condition. Once a day, first thing in the morning after a shower is often enough for most guys. Moustaches can often benefit from a beard balm as well for added conditioning.


3) Moisturize. The skin underneath the whiskers is just as important as the whiskers themselves. Neglecting to moisturize can often lead to itchiness and dry skin. A good beard oil or beard balm should have a prominent skin care component to help moisturize the skin underneath. Pro-tip: make sure to work your beard product right down to your skin so it can do its job.


4) Brush. Brushing your beard with a boar hair brush does a few things: It not only pulls oils, distributing them through the beard, but it also gently exfoliates the skin underneath. Brushing is usually done before applying the product, and at the end of the night before bed.

5) Style and maintain. When your facial hair is nice and healthy, styling becomes much easier. Choose the style that best suits you and start growing! Trimming your own beard and moustache can be difficult so take your time. Moustaches are usually best trimmed at a downward angle away from the centreline of your face, and beards can frequently be trimmed of any split ends or strays. A barber who is trained in trimming and shaping men’s facial hair is a necessity if you need some help. Don’t forget that your beard balms and beard waxes will give you some help controlling where the whiskers go as well.


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